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"It is important to investigate how school leadership is framed and enacted in different contexts and cultures internationally, and using this knowledge to broaden understanding and build leader capacity."

Allan Walker

Professor Allan Walker is Chair Professor of International Educational Leadership and Co-Director of the Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change at The Education University of Hong Kong.

Allan has experience as a teacher, school principal, university teacher and administrator, and consultant in a range of local and international settings. With the passion and commitment to school leadership, innovative approaches to leader development and the promotion of leader control and accountability for their own professional learning, he has been instrumental in designing and implementing a number of pioneering academic and leader learning programmes for principals and leaders in the Asia-Pacific region.

Gaining extensive experience throughout schools and universities in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, Allan has eventually settled in Hong Kong working in the field of cross-cultural comparative educational leadership and leadership across Chinese societies. He has and conducted numerous research in countries such as China, Taiwan, Norway, Finland, Vietnam, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Canada, the US, UK, New Zealand and Australia. He also serves on the editorial board of top-rated educational administration journals in the US, England, Australia, Hong Kong and China.

In 2010, Allan is honoured with Fellowship of the Australian Council for Educational Leadership for his outstanding contribution to educational leadership research and development globally. In 2011, he was awarded an endowed chair professorship by The Education University of Hong Kong in recognition of his outstanding research and academic achievements in international educational leadership. In 2015, he was awarded the Edwin M. Bridges Award by the University Council of Educational Administration in recognition of his significant contribution to the preparation and development of school leaders.