A leadership resource for school principals and other educators in Hong Kong, China and the Asia Pacific region.

Leader Learning Events

School Principal Forum on Oct 9, 2015

with Prof. Andy Hargreaves, Boston College

Leaders' Learning Workshops

Asia Leadership Roundtable during Mar 8-10, 2015

Public Lecture by Professor Howard Gardner – Beyond Wit and Grit on Nov 13, 2014

Leaders' Learning for scholar-practitioners of 'University (University of Melbourne) High School' during Sep 22-26, 2014

Summer Institute 2014: Team Leadership in Context during Jul 7-9, 2014

Knowledge Transfer Talk: Seeding Sustainable Leader Learning Communities on Apr 29, 2014

Knowledge Transfer Talk for Beginning Principals on Apr 1, 2014

FEHD-APCLC-EPL Knowledge Transfer Workshop on Mar 10, 2014

with Prof. Bruce Barnett, University of Texas at San Antonio